“The Fabric of Faith” – PTSL 2019, Dallas

On March 30, I will be teaching a day-long course (9:30AM–4:00PM), “The Fabric of Faith: Learning from the Women of the New Testament,” at Perkins Theological School for the Laity 2019.

Many women make appearances in the New Testament. Some are named (Syntyche, Lois, Mary Magdalene); others are not. Some are celebrated disciples (the Samaritan woman), apostles (Junia), deacons, and ministers (Phoebe). Others teach wisdom by example through their actions. Also mentioned are groups of women, like the widows of 1 Timothy or the female Corinthian prophets. While most of the women are real, some are figurative (Lady Wisdom, Daughter Zion, the woman clothed with the sun; the whore of Babylon). In this day-long course , we will take up these questions: How might we encounter Jesus by spending time with some of these characters? What word might they have for ourselves and our communities? Come renew your acquaintance with or meet these women for the first time!

For more information and to register for my course or other courses during Perkins Theological School for the Laity 2019, visit the Perkins website.